Why Choose a Professional to Pick Out Your Wedding Flowers

Wedding planning is difficult. You’ll have so many things to choose from, between the dresses and the decor, the makeup artists, and the food vendors. It might be all too easy for your wedding flowers to slip through the cracks. The worst thing that you can do is attempt to handle your flowers on your own. There are so many florists available, ready to help you with your wedding flowers. You can often save money when working with a florist, rather than trialing floral arrangements on your own and losing more flowers than you use.

According to Something Borrowed Blooms, you should dedicate about 8% to 10% of your wedding budget to florals, and move it up and down from there; often, this can get out of control if you attempt to handle flowers on your own.

With all of this in mind, let’s look into a few of the reasons why you should consider sourcing your wedding flowers through a professional.

1. Options

It can be difficult for “laypeople” to get the flowers that they want on their own unless they’re interested in something super simple. Rarer flowers are tricky to source, and florists often must turn to their individual sources in order to get them. If you’d like to go off the beaten path for your wedding flowers (looking into something other than traditional roses) you need to work with a professional florist.

2. Convenience

Florists do more than just source your flowers; they also arrange them and deliver them to your venue. If you try to handle your flowers on your own, you’ll have to do this by yourself. You’ll already have enough to stress about on your wedding day. The last thing you want is to handle your flowers on your own.

3. Creativity

When your flowers are being arranged, a florist is able to do virtually anything that you want. You don’t have to have a traditional bouquet or arrangements. You can get creative. This is difficult to do when you’re handling your flowers on your own. You’ll probably need to stick to something fairly simple, lest you risk ruining your arrangement.

Keep in mind: ideally, you’ll only have one wedding day. You’ll want your flowers to look their best on that day, and that means hiring a florist.