Pat Caseres

I am the proud owner and President of Flor Bella Designs since 2011 when I purchased the flower shop with a vision of creating an upscale, beautiful shop giving customers a superior experience whether purchasing a bouquet for their table or working with them to design an event. I love beautiful and uniquely designed floral arrangements in my own home. Owning and operating Flor Bella Designs has given me the opportunity to bring such floral arrangements to the community as well.

What I love best about what I do:

The smile on the face of a bride seeing her bouquet for the first time brings me much happiness!

Looking to the Future…

In the upcoming years Flor Bella Designs will continue to put emphasis and growth on special events and weddings because we excel in working with brides and the local venues. Our specialized team of designers works with engaged couples to create their vision of their special day!

In my spare time…

I enjoy gardening, reading, entertaining, traveling and spending time with my family. And, of course, working with my team of talented and dedicated staff and all the wonderful customers we are able to serve at Flor Bella Designs!!

My favorite flower is

Oriental Lilly

Freddy Lange
Lead Designer

I have been with Flor Bella since its opening day, October 2012. Flowers have always been a passion of mine ever since I can remember as a child. I recall spending time in the garden, smelling the blossoms, and picking daffodils, grape hyacinths and roses. It’s amazing how nature can transform its bare branches and give birth to flowers. Flowers give all of our senses a treat. I know that’s why I have dedicated over 20 years of my career to the floral design business along with seeing the joy I bring to people thru my creations. It’s very gratifying to see.

Best Client Success Story
There was a large wedding we did a while ago. The expectations and tensions were high but we were very happy with the result. A week later the mother of the bride called me to say that I exceeded the expectations of her and her daughter. What a relief! It was very gratifying to be able to create her daughter’s vision and give her the dream wedding she always wanted.

Looking to the Future
A Flor Bella Designs continues to grow we hope to expand the current location to a bigger store front and design space giving our customers more beautiful gifts to accompany our floral designs.

When I’m not designing for Flor Bella…
I enjoy painting, gardening, fine wines and culinary delights.

My favorite flower is


Donna Witt

I love flowers so creating unique and beautiful designs is always fulfilling for me. I attended the New York Botanical Gardens School of Floral Design and have been designing for 15 years. I have brought my design skills to Flor Bella Designs since 2014. I especially enjoy working with clients, helping them achieve their desired floral visions for any and all occasions.

What I love about our store…

Flor Bella Designs has such a wonderful atmosphere and I have the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people from working with Pat, the other designers, and delivery staff to our very special customers. Each person has their own style and brings a new design concept keeping things fresh and always so inspiring. It is extremely satisfying to work with clients to bring their vision to life in flowers!

When I’m not designing with Flor Bella…

I love going to the jersey shore, yoga, gardening, long walks, traveling, and cooking for family and friends.

My favorite flower is


Janet Best

There is nothing better than seeing a client’s smiling face as I pull up to their door with their beautiful flower arrangement. I began working at Flor Bella Designs several weeks after the shop first opened. It’s been seven wonderful years. I maintain my perfect driving record — No tickets! No accidents! Over the years, I have grown fond of several elderly ladies who are regular customers. I always looked forward to visiting and listening to them reminisces.

When not delivering our lovely flowers…

I love to travel, gardening (of course!) getting together with friends and spending time with my family especially my grandsons.

My favorite flower is

Gerbera Daisy