Tips for Designing Your Wedding Bouquet

Every wedding features a wedding bouquet. No matter how large or how small, the wedding bouquet is an essential part of every wedding. Flowers in general play an important role in every event in life. Flowers are prominent at weddings, funerals, births, graduations, and more. Flowers are comforting and exciting. A recent survey found that while 83% of people found comfort in their family and friends, 54% of bereaved people report that receiving sympathy flowers helped them deal with grief (per In Lieu Of Flowers).

Bouquet Styles

There are so many bouquet styles to choose from. Wedding bouquet design can be as traditional as a domed bouquet of red roses with touches of baby’s breath or as unique as you wish it to be.

Waterfall bouquets are very popular. Instead of being a traditional domed, oval, or round-shaped waterfall, bouquets have cascading flowers that spill over the edge. There is a perfect bouquet style for every bride. These tips will help you design the perfect bouquet for your wedding.

Size Does Matter

Choosing the right scale of your bouquet is the first step in choosing a design. Keep in mind that your bouquet is an essential part of your wedding attire but should not be scaled to overwhelm your dress. Scale is an important factor.

When you are choosing the size of your bouquet, consider your height and the shape of your dress. For example, a ballroom gown will require a larger scaled bouquet. If you are petite, a waterfall design may not be the best option. If you are tall, a waterfall design could be a great option. The shape of the design and size are two critical elements.

Choosing Your Flowers

The first thing you need to do when you are designing your wedding bouquet is to decide which flowers you will use in your bouquet. You will have to consider the season. Each season there are different flowers available.

Choosing flowers that are in season will keep the cost in check and will ensure that you have a wide range of flowers to choose from for your wedding bouquet. Choosing seasonal flowers will also ensure that you will not run into problems finding the flowers that you want.

Choose Your Color Scheme

Some brides prefer the elegance of a wedding bouquet of white flowers. For other brides, they want a little more color, or they want to make a statement with their wedding bouquet by making it as colorful as possible.

Designing your bouquet to reflect the colors of your wedding is another popular choice. Sometimes the only hint of color is the ribbon to secure the bouquet. Add a pop of color by using small bunches of flowers tucked in the bouquet.

You can balance out the bouquet color by using different shades of the same color. For example, if your bouquet is going to be primarily pink, use pale pinks, deep pinks, and even coral pinks to add some interest to the bouquet.

Highlight Your Bouquet

Instead of matching your bouquet to your other wedding flowers, style your bouquet to harmonize with the other flowers but to stand out a bit. You want to create a bouquet that does not blend in too much with your other wedding flowers.

For example, if your centerpieces are rich with reds and pinks, consider a bouquet of whites and pinks. You get a general idea; you do not want all your wedding flowers and bouquet to completely match. too much sameness will make your bouquet fade into the background.

Consider the Style of Your Dress

Different styles of bouquets are designed to enhance different dress silhouettes. The style of your bouquet can help to highlight different accents on your dress. For example, if your dress is highly adorned, then you should consider a simple bouquet.

A simple sheath-type wedding dress deserves a highly stylized elaborate bouquet. Each style of dress deserves the right style of bouquet.

A Well Thought Out Design Will Add Some Wow Factor

Start planning your bouquet design early. Paying close attention to all the details, including spending a little extra time on your wedding bouquet, will ensure your wedding is a show stopper.