Why Silk Flowers Are a Wonderful Alternative for Your Bouquet

Choosing flowers for weddings or other big events can be a big deal depending on your occasion and budget. Artificial flowers are a popular choice, with options and quality getting better by the day. Most artificial flowers are made from nylon or plastic, while the more realistic flowers are made of latex and silk. Silk flowers are among the most attractive artificial flowers on the market, and they’ve been around for a long time. According to How Products Are Made, silk flowers were initially used in China hundreds of years ago. Keep reading to learn about their benefits.

They’re Beautiful

Flowers are expected to be beautiful, but silk flowers are stunning. The foliage and flowers used in the designs are perfect replicas of the real thing. When displayed in a bouquet, arch, or installation, it’s extremely difficult to tell they’re not real. If you want to buy flowers that match the quality and appearance of fresh flowers, then silk flowers can be a great alternative.

They’re Affordable

Some people love flowers and could use a bouquet arrangement to decorate a single room. As a bride, you may also want to walk through an arch of beautiful flowers. To avoid compromising your style, budget, and desire, go with silk flowers. While fresh flowers are still a nice option, silk flowers may be preferable for some people since they’re cheaper and still beautiful enough to keep your ceremony looking glamorous.

They’re Highly Practical

You can set up silk flowers in your venue at any time, eliminating last-minute stress. Your choice of bouquet sets can be sent to your bridal party in good time, and you have the flexibility to move and work with designs freely. Many designs are multi-use so you can get the most out of them. For instance, during a wedding, the table display in the church can be moved to the top table at the wedding breakfast. The flowers will look retain their dazzling appearance and won’t need watering.

They’re Especially Versatile

Silk flowers offer plenty of colors to choose from compared to fresh flowers. Most people want their flowers as colorful as possible to brighten the space. Additionally, your flowers don’t have to be seasonal. You can have the type of flowers you’ve always desired, even if they’re out of season. That means you have more control over colors and designs. You can decide on the flower, shower, foliage, design, and color scheme in advance so you won’t be disappointed on the ceremony day.

They’re Great as Long-Lasting Keepsakes

Since silk flowers are artificial, they aren’t likely to wither out or get damaged if kept nicely. After you’ve held a wedding, your flowers will remind you of that day for years to come. Every bouquet will be very personal since they’re custom-made. They also make brilliant presents for mothers, bridesmaids, or anyone else in the bridal party you’d want to thank or gift.

They’re Easy To Transport

Silk flowers require minimal care when arranging, packing, and transporting. That means there are very few chances your flowers will arrive damaged or in poor condition. Fresh flowers are fragile and time-sensitive. If not correctly handled, they can fall, wither, or get damaged when stepped on or knocked down.

They’re Hypoallergenic

Whether you suffer from hay fever, asthma, or allergies, you don’t have to worry about being surrounded by beautiful flowers. Silk flowers allow flower enthusiasts with such conditions to enjoy working or being around flowers without any adverse effects. You can keep them at your reception, in your office, medical center, hair and beauty salon, and more.

They’re Pet-Friendly

Some fresh flowers and plants can be highly toxic to cats and dogs. For instance, lilies can be fatal to cats. If you keep your flowers at home, the office, or any other place your dog or cat can go, then it’s better to stick with silk flowers. Your pets won’t damage the plants even if they decide to play with them.

Are you planning to get some silk flowers for your bouquet? Don’t hesitate to choose your colors, foliage, and design and get it delivered on time. Reach out to Flor Bella Designs today for more information. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you create the floral arrangement of your dreams.