Why So Many Brides Choose Roses as Their Wedding Flowers

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Roses have played a role in human lives for centuries, and they often find a place in wedding ceremonies. According to research conducted by Webinar Care, roses are reported to have over 31% of the total market share of the floral business. Why are so many brides opting for roses as their wedding flowers? Read on to find out!

Roses Represent Elegance

Weddings are an avenue for people to live for a day as royalty. Roses represent the perfect wedding flower to help give the wedding that feeling of class and royalty. Many important events around the world in which flowers are used tend to have roses as the leading flower. For centuries, monarchs, presidents, and people in the upper echelon of society have used roses for their most important events and have even sent them as gifts to people who matter. Therefore, brides who carry a bouquet of roses at their weddings do so with the consciousness of class and royalty.

Roses Are Fragrant and Beautiful

Roses symbolize elegance and beauty, and they come in different colors, giving them a unique feel. They can be used in a wedding with warm colors like red and gold or cool-toned colors like purple and silver. Also, roses are soft and smooth, giving the whole bridal party a calming presence.

Roses have a unique scent, especially when freshly harvested. This is a large part of creating the right wedding atmosphere! When choosing roses, ask your florist about their scent. Each type of rose will have a slightly different smell. With the right choice, roses will provide the perfect natural fragrance as a wedding flower.

Roses Are Symbolic

Red roses have been known to represent romance, love, and beauty. According to Atlas Obscura, the symbolism associated with roses dates back to the nineteenth century when people began using a system referred to as floriography, which involves using a floral bouquet to deliver messages to people. This is proof of how important roses have been over time. In addition to symbolizing deep romance and love, roses are also known to stand for strong desire. For instance, red roses show strong attention and desire towards a person. Red naturally symbolizes passion and desire, and a bride holding a bouquet of red flowers sends a strong indication of dedication to her partner.

Other rose colors such as yellow, pink, and white are also known to represent certain qualities. For instance, the pink rose stands for thankfulness and grace, while the white rose represents happiness and friendship. Take time to consider the symbolism of colors when choosing roses as your wedding flower.

Roses Are Relatively Affordable

Roses may not be the cheapest, but they certainly aren’t the most expensive option as a wedding flower. The amount you spend depends largely on what species of flower you opt for. One reason roses are fairly affordable is that they can be grown everywhere and usually occupy less space, making them easier to grow than other flowers. Due to their affordable nature, many brides are in favor of using roses for their weddings.

The price of roses can go up around holidays like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, according to Martha Stewart, so plan around these times when possible. They’re an affordable choice for your wedding flower for a late summer or autumn wedding!

Roses Are Sturdy and Abundant

Red roses are robust, unlike other flower types. Roses are generally durable, and as such, they can be stored for an extended period, unlike other flowers. This is one great reason to use roses as a wedding flower! You won’t have to worry about them wilting during the ceremony as long as they’re kept in fresh water.

According to Martha Stewart, there are about 47 species of roses that are native to the United States alone. The species include prickly, smooth, prairie, mountain, and cascade roses. Whether you need red roses or yellow roses, you won’t run out of options when using them as a wedding flower.

Roses are the perfect choice for brides because they symbolize love, courage, and passion. They’re also affordable and durable. These features and more make them the perfect choice for your wedding flowers. Want to order roses for the wedding you’re planning? Call us today at Flor Bella Designs to ask about our packages.